Other companies say they provide global coverage, but often at relatively low data speeds due to oversubscribing beams or fast inbound speeds over limited geographical areas. Inmarsat has designed and built a fully customized turnkey VSAT solution, combined with Inmarsat FleetBroadband, to provide high-speed broadband connectivity with true global coverage.
  • VSAT System - Fully-automatic Global C-Band and Ku-Band offerings via the latest DVB-S2 networks utilizing ACM (Automatic Coding and Modulation)
  • VPN Connection with Remote IT Management & Support - Creates a secure extension of the shore-side office network; and provides the ability for office IT staff to remotely manage the network
  • VoIP Calling - Free voice calls between the ship and office, and inexpensive land-line calling rates
  • Globe iFusion® Terminal
    • FleetBroadband 250 Antenna - Automatic backup to the VSAT
    • Personalized Crew Email Solution - Individual prepaid Email accounts that follows crew members from ship-to-ship and on shore
    • GlobeMobile GSM Solution - Use your personal GSM phone while at sea to make and receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages
    • Web Browsing - 24 x 7 browsing for a flat monthly fee
    • Firewall - Fully secure, shore controlled two layered firewall
  • Inmarsat Application Bundle - Includes GlobeComms, Globe iPortal®, Globe AntiVirus, GlobeLocator Gold and many more
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support - Premium, 3-Tier global support structure, manned by highly-skilled IT Staff and Technicians, as well as a team of Satellite Network and RF Engineers
VSAT Equipment