Touch the Ship

Inmarsat Installation Engineers are highly trained technicians responsible for visiting ships to perform installations, repairs and warranty work. We maintain a highly mobile workforce that can be dispatched all over the world to service our customers at numerous ports of call.

Inmarsat installers are extremely knowledgeable on all products, hardware and software, as well as on procurement, customs and the maritime industry in general. In many cases they have direct experience working at sea in various capacities.

Inmarsat has over 45 Installation Engineers strategically located in key ports throughout the world, providing installation, repair and IT support services for fleets, wherever they may be located.

All Inmarsat Installation Engineers are fully trained in IT support (PCs, software, networks) and shipboard communication systems (Inmarsat, Iridium, and VSAT).

Touch the Ship

Technicians are located in major ports around the world including:

  • Palm Bay, Florida
    (Head office)
  • San Mateo, California
    (San Francisco area)
  • Morgan City, Louisiana
    (New Orleans area)
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Houston, Texas
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Liverpool
  • Rotterdam

  • Hamburg
  • Copenhagen
  • Piraeus
  • Australia (multiple locations)
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Japan (multiple locations)
  • Seoul
  • Pusan

  • Mumbai
  • Dubai
  • Mexico (multiple locations)
  • Panama
  • Chile (multiple locations)
  • Buenos Aires
  • Brazil (multiple locations)
  • Venezuela
  • South Africa (multiple locations)